Leadership everywhere

Leadership everywhere

Episode 10 - Purpose instead of career?

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Is the classic career out, is the future about jobs with purpose?
There are leaders and there are those who lead. Leaders hold a position of power and influence. Those who lead inspire us. This has a lot to do with what inspires you yourself, what gives you meaning and brings out your best. Anything that has to do with meaning speaks to something that satisfies your innermost being, something that is a need for you and motivates you. It is your personal mission statement.
This episode is about the following questions:
What is a meaningful job? Would you give up a traditional career for a meaningful job?
How do you align your career to your purpose? Can career even be meaningful?
What misunderstandings and misconceptions arise in the search for meaning?
This episode is inspired by Stacey Abrams TED Talk 'Three questions to ask yourself about everything you do' on youtube and by Simon Sinek's book 'Start with Why'.
Both absolutely recommended!
Episode 10 about purpose concludes this series of the podcast. You may remember the intro sequence where I explained my model of leadership everywhere. The model has five digits, the five characteristics of my vision of leadership in the 21st century: Daring, Visible, Empowered, Purpose-driven and Self-Aware. With this podcast I was looking for a way to bring these characteristics to life, to sort of show them in real-life situations.
I am taking now a break, so that new fresh ideas can emerge again. Of course I continue to be there for you as a coach and mentor, whenever you need a sparring partner to test your visions or assumptions, when you are facing difficult issues or decisions or want to work on your personal development.
You can find my contact information, articles and blog posts on my website www.abado-coaching.com. Please send enquiries about individual or group coachings, key-notes or panel discussions to gabriela@abado-coaching.com or contact me via my website.
Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, Xing or Facebook.
If you like my podcast, please spread it further. Visions only become reality when they are shared!


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Über diesen Podcast

In diesem podcast stelle ich Fragen zum Thema Führung im 21. Jahrhundert und gehe diesen Fragen nach. Die Welt von heute verlangt nach Persönlichkeiten mit klaren Wertehaltungen und einem Bekenntnis zu sich selbst. Ich beleuchte wie der technologische und gesellschaftliche Wandel Führung und das Selbst-Verständnis von Führungskräften verändert. Wie können möglichst viele Menschen ermächtigt werden, die Lebens-und Arbeitswelt im 21. Jahrhundert menschen-gerecht mitzugestalten? Dazu gehört Reflexion, Mut zum Hinterfragen von festgefahrenen Annahmen über sich und die Welt, das Verschieben von persönlichen Grenzen, einen guten Umgang mit Ungewissheit und scheinbaren Widersprüchen. Dieser Podcast erscheint wöchentlich abwechselnd auf Deutsch und auf Englisch.

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